Porting MVVM Light to .NET Standard: Lessons learned

.NET Standard is the new way to create portable assemblies. After learning about portable class libraries in the past years, it is now time to upgrade our game and start coding for Linux, Mac OS and other platforms untouched by .NET until now. More and more libraries are getting ported to .NET Standard, sometimes really easily and sometimes more painfully. In this session, Laurent Bugnion, the creator of the popular open source MVVM Light Toolkit, will help you understand why .NET Standard can benefit you, and talk about his experiences converting his framework to .NET Standard.

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1 : Intro to Sharing Files

Laurent shows a short look-back at the history of sharing source code in .NET, from ASP.NET to WPF to Silverlight to modern times.

2 : Demo Shared Files

Laurent shows a demo of sharing code in Visual Studio 2017 with linked files.

3 : Demo Portable Class Library

Laurent shows a demo of sharing code with Portable Class Libraries.

4 : History of .NET Standard, Tools

Laurent explain what .NET Core and .NET Standard are.

5 : .NET Standard APIs and Versions

Laurent talks about versions and API support of .NET Standard.

6 : About MVVM Light, architecture

Laurent talks of MVVM Light and shows the architecture of the PCL version.

7 : Refactoring MVVM Light for .NET Standard

Laurent shows how MVVM Light was refactored for .NET Standard.

8 : Converting the Core Components

Laurent shows how he converted MVVM Light core components to .NET Standard.

9 : Converting the Extras

Laurent shows how he converted MVVM Light extra components to .NET Standard (IOC container).

10 : Creating the Core App 1, Services

Laurent shows to create a .NET Core console app with MVVM Light's IOC container.

11 : Creating the Core App 2, The Program, Running on Linux

Laurent shows to finish the .NET Core console app with MVVM Light's IOC container, test it on Windows and run it on Ubuntu in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

12 : Resources and Conclusion

Laurent shows various resources for the .NET Core and .NET Standard.

Xamarin Live Player

You can also see this video on YouTube.

The Xamarin Live Player is a tool integrated in Visual Studio 2017 which allows you to avoid using a Mac for Xamarin development, even for iOS. Using Xamarin Live Player, you can deploy and debug an application directly from a Windows PC to a physical iPhone or Android device. Even better, you can live design the view. This video shows you what Xamarin Live Player is, and how it can help you for parts of your development cycle.