APPS20 - Options for Data in the Cloud

Date: 27 Feb 2020
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Event name: Microsoft Ignite the Tour
Duration: 45 minutes


Tailwind Traders is a large retail corporation with a dangerous single point of failure: sales, fulfillment, monitoring, and telemetry data is centralized across its online and brick and mortar outlets. We’ll review structured databases, unstructured data, real-time data, file storage considerations, and share tips on balancing performance, cost, and operational impacts. In this session, you’ll learn how Tailwind Traders created a flexible data strategy using multiple Azure services, such as AzureSQL, Azure Search, the CosmosDB Mongo API, the Gremlin API for CosmosDB, and more – and how to overcome common challenges and find the right storage option.

Sample code (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the sample source code on GitHub.