What is Microsoft Azure and Why use it?

Date: 06 Mar 2019
Location: Las Vegas NV
Event name: Las Vegas Azure User Group
Duration: 60 minutes


Welcome to your first Las Vegas Azure User Group meeting. Begin your knowledge journey with Why Microsoft Azure and more importantly What is Microsoft Azure. We are extremely excited to have two wonderful presenters lined up; Christina Warren and Laurent Bugnion, Sr Cloud Developer Advocates from Microsoft. Come spend a couple of hours with them and we guarantee you will learn something new.

Functions Xamarin Getting Started (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the Functions Xamarin Getting Started on GitHub.
Complete Serverless example with Xamarin client

More cognitive samples (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the More cognitive samples on GitHub.
Samples using cognitive services and Azure Functions with blob triggers

Custom Vision with Xamarin.Forms (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the Custom Vision with Xamarin.Forms on GitHub.
An example using http://customvision.ai to recognize apples from oranges (and bananas), complete with Xamarin.Forms client