Serverless SignalR: Building real time messaging applications for web and .NET

Date: 07 Nov 2019
Location: Orlando, FL
Event name: Microsoft Ignite
Duration: 15 minutes


SignalR allows real-time communication between applications without the need to refresh a page or poll a server. It takes advantage of push technologies like web sockets. Did you know that you can also run SignalR without setting a server up? Serverless is a very exciting trend in cloud technologies, because they free you from the need to setup and manage a server. Scaling up? No problems. Patching the software? We’ll take care of that for you. And setting it up is easy! In this session Chris Noring and Laurent Bugnion will show you how to use SignalR “as-a-service” with web (JavaScript) and rich clients (.NET, Xamarin) without headaches. We’ll have a discussion with Brady Gaster from the SignalR team about best practices and future developments. Join us so you ever have to poll ever again!

Sample code (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the sample source code on GitHub.
Using SignalR, we build a chat client for Web and Xamarin