The Ethical Implications and Risks of AI and Deep Learning

Date: 14 May 2019
Location: Rome, Italy
Event name: Accelerating Innovation in the Enterprise
Duration: 70 minutes


There is no question that Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning will play an important role in the future (and the present!) of humanity. Taking advantage of faster and faster computers, larger and larger databases, we are able to run very complex algorithms against humongous amounts of data. This allows the creation of tools that can help us in complex areas of our lives. From autonomous vehicles to image and speech recognition; from assisting impaired humans to saving lives in critical situations; from inspecting industrial installations to sending machines in deep space or deep waters, the possibilities are amazing. But this newly acquired power comes with heavy responsibilities. How do we ensure the enterprise data we use for our models is not flawed? How do we build systems that treat our customers and employees fairly? What are the significant risks? In this session, we will discuss some negative scenarios and what companies can do to prevent them.


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