Azure, Windows and Xamarin: Using the cloud to power your cross-platform applications

Date: 19 Jun 2018
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Event name: Insider Dev Tour
Duration: 30 minutes


Most mobile applications are connecting to a server at some point, either to get data that needs to be shown to the user, or to save data collected by the mobile device. This is where Microsoft Azure has the potential of making your life as a developer much easier. The cloud came a long way, and you can now build cloud infrastructure very easily and for a reasonable cost. New computing models like serverless functions or globally distributed databases are changing the game. What was earlier reserved to large firms with an army of IT pro consultants is now available for everyone with a web browser. In this session, Microsoft's Cloud Developer Advocate Laurent Bugnion will guide you through this journey and show you how Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, Visual Studio App Center, Cognitive Services and other features and tools can be used in your cross-platform applications.

SimpleFunction (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the SimpleFunction on GitHub.
This sample showcases how to create Azure Functions through the Azure portal and Visual Studio 2017, and how to call the function from a Xamarin.Forms client app.

Custom Vision with Xamarin.Forms (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the Custom Vision with Xamarin.Forms on GitHub.
An example using to recognize apples from oranges (and bananas), complete with Xamarin.Forms client

GeoContacts (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the GeoContacts on GitHub.
Xamarin + Azure demo contact list feature Azure AD B2C, Functions, & CosmosDB

CoinValue (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the CoinValue on GitHub.
Azure Function sample with MVVM Light, a Timer trigger, an HTTP trigger and a Xamarin client (including Push Notifications)