Azure Functions and Xamarin

Date: 02 Sep 2017
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Event name: MVVM Cross Hackfest (Lightning talk)
Duration: 15 minutes


One of the most exciting recent additions to Microsoft Azure is called Functions and allows the developer to quickly build and deploy code to the cloud without complicated setup. Also dubbed “serverless computing”, Azure Functions can be triggered by timers, HTTP calls or database operations, and can communicate with other Azure services or mobile and desktop applications such as those made with Xamarin. In this lightning talk, Laurent Bugnion, Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft, will give you an introduction to Azure Functions and get you started with this exciting aspect of modern computing.

Sample code (GitHub):


You can browse, fork, download the sample source code on GitHub.
Azure Function sample with MVVM Light, a Timer trigger, an HTTP trigger and a Xamarin client (including Push Notifications)