Keynote: A World of Devices

Date: 18 Dec 2015
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Event name: bbv company event


When many of us started developing software, our friends and families were looking at us in a weird way when we were talking about what we were doing for a living. For many, software is more than a job, it is a hobby and a passion, but it was a world that most laymen didn't really understand.

In the past 10 years however, it has changed dramatically. Nowadays, software has become such an important part of our lives that most people use it, often without even noticing the amazing amount of technology that is helping them to perform their daily tasks. What has triggered this evolution is the fact that software is not confined to computers anymore, but is running on a large number of devices of various shapes. The ubiquitous internet has also greatly contributed to this. Your car is running software, and can be upgraded overnight to start self-driving. Your watch and your phones are probably connected and are not really a watch or a phone anymore, but rather multimedia computing devices. Your house is taking advantage of software to run more efficiently and save money and energy.

Finally, our friends and families understand what it is that we do, and are interested to hear about the latest innovations that we are working on. Finally people don't look at us as weirdoes when we use our screens in the bus or the train. Finally our work is not confined to a desk anymore, but is getting out of the computer, out of the house and moving around with our users. Finally stakeholders have understood the importance of user experience, and put the users in the center. And it's only going to get better: New devices appear every day to take advantage of our software to improve the users' life. We talk about wearables, 3D, holographic computing, foldable screens, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and more concepts that once sounded futuristic, but are now part of every day's life. It is truly a great time to be a software developer.