Coding for Microsoft Band

Date: 13 May 2015
Location: Mechelen Belgium
Event name: Techorama 2015


Microsoft took the technical world by surprise by releasing in November 2014 a smartwatch and a Health application compatible with Windows Phone, Android and iOS, and loaded with features. Just a few weeks later, an SDK was also released for these three platforms. The SDK gives access to the watch's many sensors (heart rate, accelerometer and many more) and also allows sending notifications to the watch. This is of course just a first step in opening up this new platform for 3rd party, and using the watch as a new kind of input/output device for applications. In this session, we will have a lot of fun coding for Microsoft Band. We will first discover the band and understand how it works. We will see how to install the SDK, how to create a new application leveraging the sensors and how to enrich your apps by sending notifications to your users' wrist. Then we will use the Band's sensors to create fun applications.