Where can you find me at NDC Sydney?

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NDC Sydney

As I just arrived after a long trip from Z├╝rich to Sydney, I thought it would be good to give an update on my activities down under.

Public speaking

Building truly universal applications with Windows, Xamarin and MVVM Light

NDC Sydney, Room 2, Thursday, 4:20pm - 5:20pm

This is the first time that I have the chance to speak about MVVM Light in Australia and I am very excited about it. Together we will talk about MVC and why MVVM is bette for .NET client apps (including Xamarin), then we will refactor a non-MVVM application into an MVVM one. We'll also talk more about data binding and will take a look at Xamarin.Forms too. In this session we will use the .NET Standard version of MVVM Light.

MVVM Light

Porting MVVM Light to .NET Standard, Lessons learned

NDC Sydney, Room 1, Friday, 3pm - 4pm

.NET Standard and .NET Core are the way of the future for cross platform .NET applications and libraries. Here I will explain why .NET Standard was needed as a replacement of Portable Class Libraries, and we will understand the versioning system. I'll show you how to create an ASP.NET Core website, test it on Windows and then deploy and run it on a Linux web server on Azure. Then we will see what happened when I converted my open source library MVVM Light to .NET Standard, and in fact we will do this together so you can see live what are the risks and the rewards. At the end we will build a .NET Core console application, run it on Windows and then on Ubuntu.

NDC harbor cruise

Sydney harbor, Wednesday, 7:15pm - 10:15pm

The NDC conferences are famous for their harbor cruises. In Sydney too we will take a boat and go around, a great occasion to meet many speakers and organizers. You have to register for the cruise and I hear that tickets are going fast so make sure to secure one. More Information here

So far my first day in Sydney was amazing so I really hope to meet many of you and make this an unforgettable week.

Sydney opera house

Happy coding


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