Slides and Samples for my talk at TechDays Switzerland

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On Tuesday, I had the pleasure to talk to an almost full movie theater room about Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform UWP. I think the talk went well, and I had a lot of positive feedback later. 50 minutes sure is short for a talk, but on the plus side it forces you to concentrate on the essential. I really loved finishing my talk with a demo on the Windows Continuum, and even presenting the last few slides from my trusted Lumia 950XL directly on the big movie screen.

To all the participants, I extend a big thank you for the welcome. Unfortunately the session was not recorded, but I am sure I will have other occasions to show this material!

As promised I posted the slides, sample code as well as a small video I made. This video shows the Windows Islandwood (iOS) Bridge sample application running in the iOS simulator. In the sample code, you will find the iOS project after conversion to Windows 10. Finally make sure to check the slides for various resource links.

Happy coding!

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