Build 2016 Keynote highlight #5

Build, Windows 10
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Alex Kipman / Kudo Tsunoda (HoloLens)

  • Today, HoloLens starts shipping
  • Kudo and Alex hug on stage, emotional moment
  • Shows community-suggested ideas that MS built
  • Galaxy Explorer
    • Code will be made available on GitHub
    • Community helped to brainstorm the features
  • Bluescope
  • Japan airlines
  • Demos an anatomy learning experience using HoloLens
  • NASA uses HoloLens in the International Space Station (amongst other places)
  • Airbus, Lowes and others mentioned as partners

Satya Nadella is back

  • Conversations as a platform
  • Cortana
    • Becoming smarter every day
    • Marcus Ash
    • Cortana works on the lock screen with Hey Cortana
    • Experience ships in Anniversary update
    • Cortana can track emails and add information into Outlook
    • “Hey Cortana, send Mark the Powerpoint document” and Cortana finds the document and asks if this is the right one
    • Can send a text from the PC directly
    • Notices that an appointment is during lunch –> offers to book a table, order lunch, etc
    • Can interact with universal apps too
    • Cortana finds taxi receipt in email and proposes to add it to UWP expense report app
    • “What toy store did I go to last year at Build”
      • This is an action that can be configured via a web dashboard
    • Request an invite to the Cortana developer preview
  • Skype, Kik, Line, WeChat, Slack
    • Demos assistant integration in Skype
    • “conversation canvas”
    • Works on Android, iOS, Windows
    • Visual video mail
      • Shows a transcript below the video message
    • Cortana is always there in the corner
      • Highlights keywords in the text
      • Shows information card about keywords
      • Cortana is acting as a conversation partner on Skype too
      • “chat with Cortana”
      • Brokers the conversation with a bot
      • Shows a conversation between the user, Cortana and a hotel reservation bot
    • Developers will get access to a Skype bot SDK
    • Skype for HoloLens video
  • Cortana intelligence suite
    • Allows developers to build bots
    • Cognitive services
    • Machine learning
    • Microsoft Bot Framework
    • Connects existing bots with Cortana
    • Build new bots with a bot builder
    • Define semantic terms
    • Use machine learning to build natural language understanding
    • Can easily teach the bot to better understand natural language interactions
    • If bot doesn’t understand a request, can transfer the conversation to a human operator
    • Lots of machine learning APIs are made available
    • Vision recognition API can help recognize objects with a confidence score
    • Shows an enhanced voice recognition demo
  • Shows an amazing demo of visual recognition running in smart glasses and telling a blind man what is happening around him
    • App can also read a menu
    • Built on top of the Cortana intelligence suite
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