Build 2016 Keynote highlight #4

Build, Windows 10
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Terry Myerson

  • There is really no better time to be a Windows developer
  • HoloLens
    • World’s first fully untethered holographic computer
    • See what real customers are doing with it every day

Phil Spencer

  • Gaming at Microsoft
  • Fully open development ecosystem
  • Shows an app downloaded from Steam, ran through a converter and published as a Universal Windows app.
  • Use an XBOX One console as a dev console
  • Can switch to dev mode with button press (and a reboot)
  • Deploys a UWP to the XBOX One
  • Remote deploy, remote debug
  • Controller just works (all the UWP controls are optimized for it)
  • In fact you can plug a controller on the desktop PC as well and controls work for it
  • Access to the same universal APIs such as speech recognition
  • Leave developer mode to go back to retail mode on single button press
  • Preview available today
  • Commitment to turn every XBOX One to a dev kit
  • Single unified store
  • Bringing Cortana to XBOX One
  • New features will be announced at E3 in June
  • DirectX 12 is the fastest API adoption this decade
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