Build 2016 Keynote highlight #3

Build, Windows 10
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  • New Universal Windows apps
    • Uber
    • Disney
    • Starbucks
    • Facebook
    • Messenger
    • Instagram
    • Amex
    • Hulu
    • and more
  • More and more developers come to the platform
  • Focus on Boeing and Jeppesen
    • Electronic flight bag, saves 30-40 kgs paper on each flight

Kevin Gallo

  • We want Windows to be home for developers
  • Innovations in the platform
    • GPU Animation effects, 60 FPS
    • Blur effect
    • Highlight effect
    • Windows Ink integration
      • InkCanvas
      • InkToolbar
        • Includes the Ruler we saw earlier
  • Preview of the SDK available today
  • Hosted web apps
  • Bash shell is coming to Windows
    • Can use any of the editors, they are all here
    • Aimed primarily at hosted web apps developers
    • Windows 10 APIs are all there (from JavaScript)
    • Brings the power of open source command line tools to Windows
  • Windows Centennial
    • Desktop app converter
    • Converts existing Win31 or .NET desktop apps into a modern Windows app
    • Can be submitted to the Windows store
    • Very minimal changes
    • Access to all Universal APIs (live tiles, toasts etc)
    • Demos the code to do that
      • One project for “old” app
      • Another project for new functionality
  • Xamarin
    • Shared code
    • Demos the MS Health app
    • Demos the XIB designer in Visual Studio (for iOS)
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