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You might not have heard one of the best news ever for bloggers: Windows Live Writer was open sourced, thanks to the relentless effort of a few ‘Softies. It is awesome news because Windows Live Writer is awesome but needs some love, and Microsoft hadn’t really touched it in years (literally, the last version available was released in 2012).

More information about Open Live Writer is available on Scott’s blog and Open Live Writer is a part of the .NET Foundation (like MVVM Light too ;) and is giving us bloggers a lot of hope and happiness for awesome development! I am of course using it right now to write this post, and already noticed a couople of improvements. You can fork the code here and submit pull requests, however

One thing that is super important to me is saving my draft posts on OneDrive so that they are backed up safely (sometimes I just start a new post to draft some ideas and don’t finish writing the article immediately) and also for synchronization amongst devices. In WLW I was following Scott’s advice and editing the Registry to set the “PostsDirectory” key to save into my OneDrive.

Of course with the new applications comes a new Registry location and you can find it at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\OpenLiveWriter. Once there, create a new String value and set the folder path where OLW should save and find the Drafts. For me I created a folder within my OneDrive, but of course it also works with Dropbox etc.

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Hopefully this will help with the adoption of the new Open Live Writer and it will quickly become the standard in blogging editor!

Happy blogging ;)

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