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Right before and after the MVP summit in Bellevue / Redmond, I had the chance and honor to speak at a number of events. Here are the slides and sample code for these sessions.

Xamarin University

MVVM Light and Xamarin (guest lectures): The Xamarin University is a subscription based service by Xamarin, and as such the guest lectures’ material is only available to subscribed members. If you are a subscribed member, please go to my presentation page which links to Xamarin’s guest lectures page. After logging in, you will be able to find the material you can download. There is a screen recording, the slides as well as the sample code in there.

Microsoft Tech Talk (Geneva)

Windows Presentation Foundation 4.6.1: The material for this presentation can be found here. It was a really fun presentation to give, hopefully not the last session I give about WPF, which is still a very useful framework to have especially for enterprise development and point of sales.

Future Decoded

Windows 10 – The Universal Application: One App To Rule Them All? So happy to have been invited to speak in this great conference! Thanks again Mike. Together with Mike Taulty and Andy Wigley, we spoke about Windows 10 universal application development. My part specifically was talking about the challenges and helpers to develop for multiple device sizes, abilities, resolution, shapes, etc. It was very well received and a lot of fun to give!

(the sessions were recorded. I will check if I can embed the video on this page, or else post a link to it).

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