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I am not sure exactly when it happened but as I was reviewing the MVVM Light Toolkit’s download numbers, I suddenly realized that we are now over a MILLION downloads.

The breakdown of the downloads is as follows:

TOTAL: 1’130’704 downloads

I am quite happy to see that the proportion of downloads over the VSIX extension (full install with Project templates, Code snippets, offline Nuget package etc), the full Nuget package (with scaffolding) and the “libs only” Nuget package is in good balance. It means that the effort I put in creating the VSIX extension (which is not as easy as the Nuget packages) is appreciated, and I should continue that!

What’s next?

A lot of things, that’s what!

First, make sure to check my guest lecture at Xamarin University on Tuesday. This is for members only but a little bird (thanks Karina) told me that you can subscribe for a two weeks trial. The topic is (of course) Xamarin and MVVM Light, with a detailed discussion of the various components, including the databinding/commanding framework and the ObservableAdapter and ObservableController classes.

Next, after my next round of travel is done, I would like to work on two fronts:

- Creating a new Pluralsight course regarding MVVM Light on Xamarin. It’s really time for such a course, a continuation of the MVVM Light Fundamentals course I released in 2014.

- Working on V5.3 with a new series of fixes and new features. I have a lot of cool ideas for new features.

Thanks everyone for your amazing and continued trust and support. I couldn’t do it without the amazing messages I keep getting all the time from all over the world. You guys make my day, every day.

Happy coding!

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Responses to “One million downloads!”

  1. Russ Williams Says:


    That’s amazing. I can still remember the first time I stumbled on to your toolkit and libs… It was just want I was looking for, something light. I was just learning MVVM at the time and it was a confusing landscape packed with toolkits that were too heavy. I work for Microsoft in technical sales so I do a lot of demos and prototypes and your work has made such a huge difference in my productivity. You’re talk at Mix 10 was the best intro and overview I have run across: practical, thorough, and to the point, just like your toolkit. I really depend on MVVM Light and your contributions to the community and I am glad I had a chance to let you know that.

    -Russ Williams

  2. lbugnion Says:

    Wow Russ your comment made my day… thank you so much for the kind words!!

  3. Bogus Says:

    Hello congratulations!!!
    We are using mvvm light since 3 years now :) with same logic for windows phone and store.
    Blendabilyty is an speed up for making GUI comparing to Android, iOS. Blendabilyty is development speed up I wish we could have it Xamarin.Forms,( there is inspector but I Blendabilyty would be faster)
    Are there some future plans to have some more advanced message quaking mechanism and error handing (let it fail)
    As in Aktor systems example Akka?
    Congratulations again!!!

  4. lbugnion Says:

    Hi, thanks for the kind words! I don’t have plans right now to change the messaging system but if you have a detailed feature request, feel free to send it over.


  5. Bogus Says:

    Hmm, we have many view models which communities via messages. Actions made after receiving message example refreshing vm data can take while and is not up to us how long it will take. In meantime user can do additional thing
    and additional messages are send.
    Now we deal such situations with semaphores, works for us, but I think it’s not elegant solution.

    More or less same problem is described here in mail box part Aktor system witch is also command pattern, failure handling is something exciting :

  6. Bogus Says:

    Sory this link:

  7. Bogus Says:

    What so ever,
    now thanks to mvvm, ioc, services injection ( navigationService,DeviceService,PopUpServive…) we have unit test, and cross platform architecture friendly.
    Now we have 80% test coverage, we could do 95% but we don’t want.
    Thanks to Blendabilyty frontend development is much faster.
    All those things are cool.

    I would be really happy if framework could take from me thinking about parallel asynchronous messages and if I had some safety bag mechanism for those 20% of code which I don’t want write unit tests.

    Once again thanks :)

  8. Rajan Banerjee Says:

    Hi, I am new in Xamarin, so it will be really helpful, if you can help me sort out the problem that I am facing regarding MVVM light implementation in our project which is on Xamarin android.
    The problem is that while in debug mode the app is running absolutely fine, but in release mode the page is crashing abruptly.
    I have added my code in the below website:

  9. lbugnion Says:

    Probably this is the cause:

  10. Rajan Banerjee Says:

    Hey…thanks a lot, its working fine even in release mode now :)

  11. Rajan Banerjee Says:

    Hi, I have one more question, how can I unbind the data, with any event listener?

  12. Rajan Banerjee Says:

    Like suppose I am binding 5 edittextbox with their respective view models, now I want too unbind one of them on click event

  13. Rajan Banerjee Says:

    I tried like this:
    private void OutOfFocusBinding()
    mSetOffset.BindingContext = null;
    //this.SetBinding(() => AiPointCheckoutViewModel.Offset, () => SensorOffset.Text, BindingMode.TwoWay);
    mSetOffset.SetCursorVisible (false);

    The error i am getting is that android widget . edit text does not contain any definitation for BindingContext

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