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Wow it’s autumn already! When did that happen? The Summer was very busy, with a lot of super interesting work at IdentityMine, the release of MVVM Light V5.2, and preparation for an upcoming article in MSDN Magazine (more about that later) and even some work on some personal apps I wanted to port to Windows 10 and improve.

In the coming few weeks, I have some travel coming up, with speaking engagements. Here is the list below, and I will update it if something new comes up. I really hope to have a chance to see you at one of these talks, and if you do come, please come say hi and let’s chat!

Advanced Developers Conference

12 October 2015 – Mannheim, Germany

I will speak at three occasions in Mannheim:

An overview of the Xamarin programming platforms

The vast majority of software code on Windows these days is developed in .NET and C#. The tools and languages provided by Microsoft are unmatched in terms of productivity to create all kinds of applications, from very rich desktop suites (with WPF) to small fluid native mobile apps (with Windows Phone). The learning curve is facilitated by the fact that you can reuse your skills, tools, language and even design on each platform. The big sensation in the .NET world these days is Xamarin. This independent firm is allowing developers to use .NET to create fully native apps on iOS and Android. These are not hybrid apps, but are compiled to binaries that are fully indistinguishable from Objective C, respectively Java applications on these platforms. They use native UI elements and create a familiar experience for the user.

With an appropriate architecture, Xamarin allows reusing a large portion of business code and even view code across the platforms, but it does not compromise on the native look and feel. In this session, we will also talk about Xamarin Forms, an extension of the framework allowing to even share UI code for simple apps like line of business or prototypes.

Laurent Bugnion is a very experienced speaker, .NET developer since 2001, working for one of the leading firms in Windows, XAML and C# development. He is a Microsoft and Xamarin Most Valuable Professional and the author of the popular MVVM Light Toolkit, an open source library for Windows and Xamarin. He is very excited about showing how best practices can be used to build cross platform native apps and provide the best possible experience to your users.

Cross-Platform Applications with Xamarin and MVVM Light

MVVM Light is a popular open source toolkit that’s been used in thousands of production XAML applications since 2009. It consists of components, snippets, templates and guidance, and has a strong community of followers. Now, MVVM Light is available for Xamarin! Join Laurent Bugnion, a Microsoft and Xamarin MVP and the author of MVVM Light, as he talks about the toolkit and the MVVM architecture and demonstrates how with these tools, you can improve your development workflow.

Mixed Reality, 3D und Devices

I will be a guest in my good friend Rene Schulte’s session talking about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D. This is one of our (many) specialties at IdentityMine, and we hope to share some of the excitement that we feel seeing all the amazing technologies that are coming to us (*cough* HoloLens *cough*) ;)

Mit den rasanten Entwicklungen im Bereich von Augmented (AR) und Virtual Reality (VR) und Geräten wie Oculus Rift und HoloLens wird die Kombination von 3D und 2D-Benutzeroberflächen zu einem Schlüssel für eine gute User Experience. Immer mehr Geräte wie z.B. Microsoft Band, Kinect, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, usw. interagieren mit Windows und die Vorteile durch eine Kombination all dieser Geräte sind vielfältig.

In dieser Session wird Rene Schulte (Microsoft MVP) die Herausforderungen von AR und VR aufzeigen und erklären warum 3D Computergrafik ein essentieller Bestandteil einer guten User Experience ist. In anschaulichen Demos werden Tools präsentiert, die es jedem Entwickler ermöglichen herausragende AR und VR Lösungen zu erschaffen.
Laurent Bugnion (Microsoft MVP und Regional Director) wird weiterhin zeigen wie ein Microsoft Band genutzt werden kann um eine 3D Szene zu steuern.

Xamarin University Guest Lecture: MVVM Light and Xamarin
20 October 2015 – Online – 12PM PST

Join MvvM Light’s creator, Laurent Bugnion, for a rich session about this very popular toolkit, and how it can benefit your applications and speed up your work.

MVP Summit
2-6 November 2015, Bellevue/Remond, WA, USA

A whole week on Microsoft campus in Redmond, and tons of events with fellows MVPs in Bellevue and Seattle, sounds exciting! Can’t wait to be back. Make sure to drop me a note if you want to meet up!

The MVP summit, it’s like a family reunion, but where you actually like the family :)

Microsoft Tech Talk about Windows 10
10 November 2015 – Geneva, Switzerland

(I don’t have a link for this event yet but I will update when I get one.)

En francais!!

Cette session couvrira les nouveautés qu’apporte WPF notamment en combinaison avec Visual Studio 2015. Dans quels cas il est recommandé de créer des applications métier de bureau WPF par rapport à une application UWP (Universal Windows Platform). Quels sont les outils (perf, debugging, live tree inspector, etc.) et best practice qui vous permettront de progresser rapidement. 

  • Quoi de neuf, positionnement
  • Best practices, partage de code
  • Nouveaux outils (perf, debugging, live tree inspector, etc)

Future decoded
11 November 2015 – London, UK

Future Decoded 2015 will host 10,000 of the brightest Business Decision Makers, Developers, IT pros and Partners from across the UK and Europe. Attendees will be taken on a journey to decode the future of business and technology whilst gaining tangible insights in making sense of the latest social and economic changes. The Expo and Conferences will be taking place at the fantastic ICC Capital Suite, at the ExCel centre in London and will take place over two days: Tuesday 10th November 2015 for Enterprise, Partner and SMB audiences and Wednesday 11th November 2015 for Technical and Developer audiences. Last year the event had almost 9,000 attendees and saw a social reach of 52 million.

I will have one session at this conference organized by my good friend Mike Taulty.

Windows 10 – The Universal application: One App To Rule Them All?

Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform offer a lot of productivity and flexibility around targeting the broad set of devices that run Windows. 

As a developer, you have a lot of choice – from building a single binary that is identical on all devices, through to an app that adapts to the type of device and on to the point of building an entirely different app for each class of device.

What’s the right thing to do? How should you think about building ‘One App to Rule Them All?’ and what are the trade-offs in both design and implementation that you need to consider?

In this session we’ll dive into these areas with a hands-on, demo-led approach and show what it really means to be building apps across families of Windows devices that have different capabilities. 

Hopefully we will have a chance to meet at one or another of these events!!

Happy coding

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