Solving the Wifi issues in Windows 10 build 10158

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First let me put something down here for all to see: Brian Noyes is an exceptional man.

Today, I upgrade my HP Spectre (the one from Build) from Windows 10 10130 to 10158. The old 10130 is not very good to say the least, something that even some at Microsoft would acknowledge. It caused a lot of issues to my test machine, such as breaking the audio completely (hence no “Hey cortana”), breaking both IE and Edge and breaking a number of other applications including Skype.

That’s why I was eager to install a new build, and especially since I heard many say that it is much closer to “the real thing” than anything we had before. And indeed it’s true, it is faster, snappier. Cortana just works. Everything looks much more polished, which is great. I love these last phases of a new operating system where everything falls into place.

Except for one thing: I couldn’t connect to a network using Wifi. It just didn’t work. I talked to Microsoft, who investigated and found that upgrading from 10130 to 10158 could in certain cases break the wifi… just what I had indeed. One of my fellows RDs suggested a workaround that worked for him: Deleting the network (in Settings / Network and Internet / Manage Wifi Settings / Manage Known Networks). However this also didn’t work for me.

Thankfully the wired connection worked fine, but still, mobility is such an integral part of how I work (including writing this blog post from my garden while watching the sunset over the Uetliberg) that I was really bummed without working wifi. I even considered repaving my machine to an older build of Windows 10 and upgrading from there

But lo and behold, entered my good friend Brian Noyes! He had the same issue but had the idea that actually solved it: Go to Device Manager, locate your Wifi driver (Device Manager / Network adapters), right click on it and select Uninstall from the context menu. Then reboot your laptop.

After the new start, Windows will re-create the Wifi adapter and you should be good to go. At least this worked on my machine ™.

Happy coding!

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Responses to “Solving the Wifi issues in Windows 10 build 10158”

  1. wekempf Says:

    Wonder if this is one of the many fixes they’re pushing out in 10159 today? Wow! Two builds in two days!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Worked for me, too. Another weird oddity on my Dell Venue 8 Pro was the fact that the rotation lock was on by default. Took me a few minutes to figure out why the screen wouldn’t rotate. (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on before installing.)

  3. Andrew Says:

    “…At least this worked on my machine…”
    Not for long, believe me. I have to do this magic trick at least twice a day :)

  4. lbugnion Says:

    I don’t think so because they didn’t know about the issue before i told them about it, but maybe it accelerated things. It feels good to see the recent build quality!

  5. wekempf Says:

    Yeah, not overly relevant to this blog post, but I have to agree… the latest builds of Win10 are very promising. Starting to look polished, pretty stable, fast (especially Edge… man, that’s a fast browser!) and all around looking like it’s actually ready for release. Yes, there are things about the design/features that some will not be happy with, but it’s still looking pretty good over all.

  6. Nikolay Says:

    Many thanks! This worked my Lenovo ThinkPad E535. You saved me a lot of time.


  7. praveen Says:

    It is the problem with drivers. but most companies are not providing drivers for windows 10 This issue has been solved here is the you tube link of the solution:

  8. Snu Says:

    OMG, it works like magic. Thanks Alot!!!

  9. Pablo Says:

    I worked

  10. Vano Says:

    Thanks bro, it worked for me. I was getting ready to throw my lenovo away. Way to go bro

  11. Nigil Says:

    Well, this unfortunately didn’t work for me. Since my update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on my HP pavilion laptop I have been having problems with WiFi connectivity. Then about few weeks back the WiFi symbol just disappeared. I have tried the above and also every other solution on the net to no avail. The VPN software reg delete in command prompt, the WiFi power management settings change, the driver download from Intel and HP sites, driver booster software download…..literally everything tried but WiFi just won’t come. WiFi settings don’t even appear in Network and Internet, wireless connections show only Bluetooth. Network adapter drivers are shown as working well. The only thing left to do is to reinstall Windows 10 from sratch. If someone could suggest something else would be great.

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