So, I tried the HoloLens!

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Well it was very impressive.

First the security around the demo is really incredible. You have to leave all your devices, bags, watches etc in a locker. There is staff in front of every door. They do not answer any question about SDK, device availability, price point, or anything really.

But you get to try the device.

I had a scenario where I was an architect and able to see and modify a 3d model of a building. Using a mouse in 3D is surprisingly easy.

Then I went “on the construction site” and they surimposed the blue prints on the wall. Then I could see how a door would look like and notice that a beam was in the way. We moved the door away and then added a layer with electrical and plumbing, and saw that a pipe was now in the way. I “gazed and air clicked” on the pipe and left a voice note for the plumber to move the pipe away.

Then I came back in the role of the plumber and retrieved my note (it was hanging there), gazed and clicked, and heard my own recorded voice.

Wearing the device needs some getting used to. It was not super well adjusted and pressed a little on my nose. But I think I can adjust it better in time.

The holographic area is less extensive than I thought. It’s a rectangle in front of your eyes but if you have a good side vision (like I have), it’s a bit unsettling because the hologram will be cropped when you move the head.

All in all it is extremely impressive and I can’t wait to develop for it.


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  1. remosito Says:

    could you try to quantify the fov? usually easiest is checking how far awy you have to move from your monitor for it to take up the same fov. then punching the numbers into an online fov calculator…

  2. Alan Says:

    Did you try closing one eye at all? I am blind in one eye and was wondering if the experience of using it is the same… ?

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