Build keynote day 1 part 5

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Joe Belfiore

Demos new tweaks to the Windows 10 interface
Live tiles animations
New space in the start menu to suggest new apps
Can also show newly installed apps
Lock screen

Can suggest to try new features like Cortana, using pen, etc. Helps users to engage with features of Windows that they have not used.
Windows Spotlight. Optional. Personalized
Shows Cortana
Can assist with engagement
New UI for Cortana
Cortana starts a chat with Terry Myerson on Viber (deep app launching)
Also can interact with an app without actually launching the app (send a message using viber….)
Name of Project Spartan: Microsoft Edge
Shows the new tab page in Edge
Discover and connect with sites you like and also corresponding apps
Web extensions using JS and HTML
Shows Windows 10 on a Lenovo handheld, portrait mode
Switches to landscape
Various input devices
Announcing continuum for phone
Can connect Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, as well as external display through HDMI
Effectively uses the phone as a pocket PC
Thanks to continuum, looks and feels as a PC on the big monitor even though it is the phone!!
That is awesome. It really looks just like a PC

Alex Kipman (HoloLens)

HoloLens, Windows Holographic
People, not devices, are mobile
Fully untethered
Windows Holographic platform
Runs on Windows 10 directly in the HoloLens
To show that to us, the camera is wearing a HoloLens too
Every single universal windows app can get the same capabilities
“follow me” so the app follows you when you walk around
Pin and scale on the wall etc
Video shows integration of HoloLens in the construction business
“but that’s just the beginning”
Shows a demo of learning anatomy for medical students
All Windows universal apps can be made to work with HoloLens
Awesome demo with an actual robot integrating with a holographic app

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