Build keynote day 1 part 4 #bldwin

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Satya Nadella


Rob Lefferts (Office team)

Shows integration of Office with 3rd party for example Docu Sign
Sway, PowerPoint, Outlook ads-ins
Shows APIs to Office to access and create new apps

Now going into Windows!

New generation of Windows
Built for the era of more mobile computing
Vibrant user base
Unified platform
Everything from Raspberry Pi to Holographic platform
One unified store
Rolls the video

Terry Myerson on stage

Shows all the supported devices
Single binary that can run in all these platforms
Jab at Apple and Google
Windows is the only ecosystem that lets you bring your apps to all these devices efficiently
Windows store
It’s a promise to your customers
Apps are easy to be discovered
Install and uninstall, never junk ip your system
Convenience and trust
Easy to pay
Carrier billing for buying apps for all Windows devices
News business models and ways to monetize
Subscription based, in app purchase, etc
Introduces the Windows Store foe businesses
Same experience for end users
Highlight consumer apps and private lob apps
Free upgrade for the first year
Goal: 1 billion devices for Windows 10
(comparison: Android kitkat is 500’000’000)
XAML is mentioned
Shows work with partners
USA Today, universal app. Touch, keyboard shortcuts. Adaptive layout. Stores state in the cloud, synchs across all devices. Same binary on WinPhone. Opens the same article at the same place. Bring app on the Xbox. Filter to just video feed. One hour effort only.
Wechat. Brings their app to the desktop with universal app.
Shows quotes of partners, faster development on Windows than any other platform etc
Let’s talk about current code and apps
4 ways to leverage your existing code and skills
Reuse current server based web code and package in an app
Web code can detect that it runs in Windows frame and call windows APIs
Second way: .net and win32
Bring your .net and win32 apps to the windows store and take advantage of all the new windows platform capabilities
Example Adobe Photoshop
Uses virtualization to secure the win32 apps.
Facilitate install / uninstall
Third way: Use C++ and Java from Android apps to create code running on phones running on the Windows platform
Android device on stage
Choice hotel app
Switches to windows phone
App reuses the code from the Android device
Takes advantage of Windows location API
App navigation is integrated with Windows navigation model
Fourth way: iOS / Objective C
Compile the same code that is used in iOS apps in Visual Studio for Windows 10 phones
Enrich with Windows capabilities
Execute the code on Windows as a tablet app
Works with mouse and touch
XBox live achievements
Does it actually work? For more complex apps?
Working with partners to bring iOS apps to Windows
There’s one more thing we need to do: Give away a HP free spectre two in one device

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