Build keynote day 1 part 3 #bldwin

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Scott Gu back on stage

Azure analytics
Introduces new services around analytics
SQL data warehouse
Can aggregate data from many sources
Also from on premise systems
Interact with the data using power BI, machine learning
Build predictive models and expose as an API that your app can use to optimize itself
Compares it to AWS Redshift

Internet of things (Scott Gu)

Ford, Rockwell automation, NFL
Process iot events in Azure event hub
Stream analytics to process events
Data Lake service
Revolutionary way to store and manage infinite data
High throughput, low latency
Enterprise grade security
Integration with Hadoop
Azure has the richest analytics capabilities of any cloud

JustGiving (Mike Bugembe)

Change the way we give
The act of giving needs to be more engaging, and social.
Giving needs to be personal
Use machine learning to analyze the act of learning
Couldn’t have done this without Azure

Scott Gu

The opportunity to build apps that can change the world have never been greater

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