Build keynote day 1 part 2 #bldwin

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Scott Hanselman

Demos building an app to manage 3D printing
Order management
Demos Visual Studio Code editor on Mac OS
Supports dozens of languages out of the box
Not just a simple editor
Intellisense built in
Code peak
Debugging support
Btw: This was built in Switzerland
Switches to Ubuntu, same editor
Visual Studio is a family of tools for every developer
Scott Gu hand delivers the printed 3d model

Scott Gu back on stage

Talks about Visual Studio Code
Code optimizes editing environment
Available for free.
Available today
Mission for Visual Studio: Best in class tool for every developer
Talks about AccuWeather, DocuSign, GE Healthcare
Azure Service Fabric
Distributed computing framework
Hyper scale, self healing, etc
Data services (for Saas)
Wide variety of data storage, management solution
SQL database
Provision in just seconds, run anywhere on the world
Can be petabytes in size
Azure customers create or drop 160’000 dbs every day
Case study esri (mapping data)
Their mapping data can go viral, for example in case of disaster -> have to scale fast
Shows common SaaS data models
Introduces new elastic database pool support, allows to mix the best database models for different scenarios

Lara Rubbelke on stage

Machine learning behind the scene to recommend best database models for the current scenario

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