Build keynote day 1 part 1

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Satya Nadella opens the keynote

Invites David William Hearn (StaffPad) for a demo.
Windows 10 from Raspberry Pi to Holographic computing
Invites Scott Guthrie on stage

Scott Guthrie Azure keynote

Shows the Azure regions
Continue to invest millions expanding features
Allows to build apps that scale
Full spectrum
500+ new releases
90000 new subscriptions every month
40% of customers are startup and ISVs
Best tools, skills you already have
Run on multiple environments (on premise / other cloud platforms)
Open source even broader
Docker / open sourcing .net core and support on multiple platforms

Ben Golub (Docker CEO) on stage

Developers spend too much time worrying about tools and infrastructure
Docker for Windows, standard docker, take any window app and “dockerize” it to run on any server
MSFT is contributing actively to Docker Hub
Microsoft embraced the notion
Mix and match Windows and Linux containers. For example windows frontend with Linux backend or vice versa

Mark Russinovitch

Wears a Docker t shirt
Demos packaging and running app on Docker
Who heard about Linux?
Same exact application running on a Linux server
Can use Visual Studio to debug the app through the Docker VM

Scott Guthrie back on stage

Release a preview edition of .NET core for Windows, Linux and Mac
Pace of disruption has never been greater
Talks about 3M, auto scale of Azure, handle any kind of load.
Enterprise connectivity, VPN, integration with any system you already have

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