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I just came back from Las Vegas and the Visual Studio Live conference at the Bally’s hotel and casino. I had a very good time there, with great contact with the attendees (notably at the “Birds of a Feather” lunch on Wednesday where each speaker had a dedicated table to have lunch with attendees. Great idea!!), and the pleasure to meet again other speakers and make new friends.

As promised during my sessions, I published the slides, sample code and session information to my Presentations page.

An Overview of the Xamarin Programming Platforms

The vast majority of software code on Windows these days is developed in .NET and C#. The tools and languages provided by Microsoft are unmatched in terms of productivity to create all kinds of applications, from very rich desktop suites (with WPF) to small fluid native mobile apps (with Windows Phone). The learning curve is facilitated by the fact that you can reuse your skills, tools, language and even design on each platform. The big sensation in the .NET world these days is Xamarin. This independent firm is allowing developers to use .NET to create fully native apps on iOS and Android. These are not hybrid apps, but are compiled to binaries that are fully indistinguishable from Objective C, respectively Java applications on these platforms. They use native UI elements and create a familiar experience for the user.

With an appropriate architecture, Xamarin allows reusing a large portion of business code and even view code across the platforms, but it does not compromise on the native look and feel. In this session, we will also talk about Xamarin Forms, an extension of the framework allowing to even share UI code for simple apps like line of business or prototypes.

Laurent Bugnion is a very experienced speaker, .NET developer since 2001, working for one of the leading firms in Windows, XAML and C# development. He is a Microsoft and Xamarin Most Valuable Professional and the author of the popular MVVM Light Toolkit, an open source library for Windows and Xamarin. He is very excited about showing how best practices can be used to build cross platform native apps and provide the best possible experience to your users.

Building Cross-Platform Applications with XAML, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms and MVVM Light

MVVM Light is a popular open source toolkit that’s been used in thousands of production XAML applications since 2009. It consists of components, snippets, templates and guidance, and has a strong community of followers. Now, MVVM Light is available for Xamarin! Join Laurent Bugnion, a Microsoft and Xamarin MVP and the author of MVVM Light, as he talks about the toolkit and the MVVM architecture and demonstrates how with these tools, you can improve your development workflow.

Some visiting too

I also had a free day on Sunday and decided to rent a car and drive around a bit. I went to Red Rock Canyon, which was really amazing, and Lake Mead / Hoover Dam. The nice thing is that these two destinations are really not very far and you can easily cover those in a day without stress. Of course I also have pictures of Vegas itself.

It was my first time at VS Live and I can really recommend this conference. It is not huge, so the contact between the speakers and the attendees is excellent. It is a relaxed atmosphere and the content was very current and (from what I could see) very informative. I am happy to have been selected, and will definitely submit again.

Happy coding!

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