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Over the past years, I have participated in a number of conferences, podcasts and interviews, and published articles, guest blog posts and other publications. It was a little bit difficult to keep track of everything, and I wanted a better way to show these presentations’ material, and have a central location where to download slides and sample code from, and even to see the video (if available).

Since I am currently reorganizing my website and archiving some of the content, it was the perfect occasion (also, it was really fun to implement this with Razor, but that’s a story for another blog post).

You can now access the following pages:


This is the page where I list the major conferences I gave in the past years. I am still in the process of digging out older conferences so if there is a specific one that you are looking for, and it is not up yet, come back in the few days or send me a note. This page lists the session title, date, location and event name, as well as the slides, the video (where available) and a list of resources such as source code, external links, etc.


Here you will find the podcasts and interviews I gave in the past few years, since 2008. You’ll get access to the abstract as well as the podcast’s page and a download link for the recording.

Articles and Publications

This is where you will find the list of stuff I wrote or published. For example, there is the Pluralsight course I recorded about MVVM Light, the two books I wrote, the guest blogs and MSDN articles, etc. This does not include my blog, of course.

Hopefully these three new pages will add some value to your browsing experience and help you when you find a particular content from the past!!

Happy coding

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