Build keynote notes 6

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Stephen Elop (Nokia)

Every Lumia devices will run 8.1, even low end devices such as 520.
New colors coming, such as bright green.
Next generation of Lumia devices.
Lumia 930. 5” hd display. Wireless charging integrated in the device. 20MP pureview camera. Special focus on pictures and videos. Surround sound recording or focused sound recording for videos. Start in June in Europe then Asia.
Creative studio new version.
Living images: mixing images with videos in Storyteller. Add music too.
Nokia Lumia 630 and 635. Lower price point, slick design, 4.5”, changeable shells. 630 Single SIM variant or double SIM variant (3G). 635 4G.
Double sim can be used for example for business/personal. Call/SMS Live tiles are specific for each sim, or can be merged.
Can specify for each contact which sim card should be used by default.
Critically important for Asian markets.
Introduce sensor core. Tracks motion and location to keep track of steps and movement. Built into the device.

Introducing Satya Nadella


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