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Apps built with Windows Phone 8.0 of course contine to run on 8.1.
Can also upgrade apps in Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 to take advantage of new features.
Or can port app to Windows Phone RT such as universal apps.
No need to define grammar files for voice recognition anymore. Cortana does the work for us.

Harry Pierson

Talks about Windows tablets in enterprise.
Easy leveraging super old line of business code to new Windows 8.1
Show how to use Task.Run to convert a synch operation to async.

Windows 8.1 update available on MSDN today.
VS 2013 update 2 RC available today
Windows Phone 8.1 update through the developer preview program.

Looking further forward

Talking about Xbox
Will enable universal apps to run on Xbox.
Demoes Khan academy app on phone, win8 and Xbox one.
Announce new Kinect V2 for Windows
Intel has X86 board running in chip of the size of a small eraser. Internet of things.
Shows a piano running windows.
Can attach debugger to process, it’s all windows.
Connected to the internet.

Windows Desktop

Windows Store apps will run windowed on the desktop.
And YES start menu is now available on the desktop, including live tiles and search.


On phones and tablets < 9”, Windows will be free. Free Xbox one to everyone in the audience. 500 $ voucher to Microsoft store to choose a new device

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