Build keynote notes 4

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David Treadwell

OS and Platform news.
Introduces Universal windows apps.
Windows runtime on phone.
Talks about ways to have one app running on multiple form factors. Uses adaptive gridview layout.
Or can decide to create optimized view for each device, with bulk of the code being shared.
Different from google approach, since you can customize look and feel to adapt to form factors.
Can use C#, C++,, html/js, etc.

Kevin Gallo

Shows update to VS2013 to build universal apps.
Shows universal app template.
Shows new debugging capabilities.
Can run most diagnostics in parallel
Shows context switcher to make it easier to know which context a shared file has (for linked files belonging to multiple projects)
Easy to convert a win8 app and do some tuning for form factor and perf, etc.

Streamlining the store experience.
Buy one app on the phone and run it on the PC, and vice versa. Sharing app identity. This also shares the notification channel and cloud storage.
Can offer common app and shared purchase experience foe both platforms, or choose to have a specific experience (and buy the app twice). It’s up to developers.
Submission times have been sped up to 50 times.

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