Build keynote notes 3

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Windows 8.1

Cortana communicates with Bing so Bing services are updated.
Shows Windows 8.1 update.
Improvement in IE for legacy sites. Sites that were warning that IE11 is “too old” will now work fine.
Much better compatibility with “old” enterprise sites etc.
Task bar enhancements. Works with WinStore apps now. Can pin to taskbar.
WinStore apps with mouse and keyboard show title bar with minimize button. Also access to taskbar in WinStore apps with mouse.
Standard touch gestures are still available.
Start screen: power button. Search button on start screen. Setting tile. Right click context menu for mouse on tiles. CTRL key and select multiple tiles, move them, change size, etc.
Helping users to find our apps: prepin the Windows Store on task bar to make it easier to discover. Store is now mouse/keyboard friendly. Will publish API and samples to teach devs to make apps more mouse/keyboard friendly.
Also shows apps results in global search dialog.
Make it easier to see where newly installed apps are put. Hints to user, highlighting.
Windows 8.1 update available to consumers on April 8th

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