Build keynote notes 2

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Business on winPhone 8.1

VPN is supported now
Quick settings in control center, easily accessible from everywhere on the phone
Encrypted emails
Can prevent from saving documents on the phone
Can block access to applications

Range of new features

Nice demo of Cortana reminding him to ask his sister about her new puppy as her sister calls him on stage.
WiFi sense, shows public WiFi in the area, facilitates sharing WiFi at home with friends.
Enhancements to Wordflow keyboard. Shape typing (swype). Much faster typing even with sweaty hands on stage :)
Guiness book record of fast typing. Beats Galaxy S4.
Settings: wifi password saved in cloud.
IE11 on the phone. In private browsing, etc.
Rolling out to consumers in next few months. Pre installed on new phones as soon as April-May

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