Build 14 keynote notes 1

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Joe Belfiore to speak about Win Phone 8.1.
Introducing the new lock screen API
Gives access to extended graphic features
Introduce the new lock screen, with background pictures.
Introduce Cortana. Personal assistant. People cheer at the name. Nice demo by Joe Belfiore. Access to calendar, email (local on the phone only), and many other apps. Can define inner circle of people we track, interests, etc.
Small bugs when demoing. Cortana is launched as beta first. Want feedback about voice recognition. Launch in US first then rest of the world.
Cortana can interact with apps, for example to add content to them.
It can also be extended by 3rd party apps.
Cortana works with voice and typing too.
Natural language extends to other apps too. Example “Skype, get David” to start a call.
Can also pass instruction to apps, for example “add deadbeat to my queue in Hulu”, starts Hulu and add it.
“first truly digital personal assistant”

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