Teaser: my MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready

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Boy how long did I wait for that! The MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready! We just have a couple more modules to review, a little polish to be done, a few questions to be written and then we are done.

So here’s a small teaser series. To build up some anticipation, I decided to show you the title of the modules and sections. For this course, I assume a prior knowledge of XAML but no knowledge about MVVM is required.

The first and second modules are showing the advantages of an MVVM approach by creating a non-MVVM application and then refactoring it, not only to a model-view-viewmodel architecture but to an MVVM Light architecture which includes design time data creation, Blendability, and starts to explain why MVVM Light proposes to do things in a certain manner.

The third module talks about the core components of MVVM Light: ObservableObject and ViewModelBase, RelayCommand, Messenger, DispatcherHelper.

The fourth module is about the Extras assembly, with the SimpleIoc and the EventToCommand. Before that, however, I show more information about the recommended architecture when working with the MVVM Light Toolkit, and the way that the view is “wired” to the viewmodel in order to give the best design time experience.

In the fifth module, we talk about the installation experience (through Nuget or through the VSIX installer).This shows how MVVM Light is added to an existing application, or how you can create a new application from scratch using the project templates. We’ll also talk about item templates and code snippets to round up the review of all the MVVM Light components.

FInally, in the 6th module, we’ll talk about samples and more samples, for some special scenarios including a plug-in based application in WPF, an expandable list for Windows Phone using the Messenger, and some tips and tricks to unit test an MVVM Light application.

Before you guys ask, I don’t have an ETA yet; it will depend on how fast the last two modules are reviewed and how fast I can integrate the review findings. But one thing is clear, we’re almost there!

Stay tuned for a more detailed description of each module coming up on this blog.


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Responses to “Teaser: my MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready”

  1. Laurent Says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

  2. lbugnion Says:

    Thanks!! I just got word from my editor that the publication date is May 9th.


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