Back home after the MVP summit

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One of the nice side effects of porting the blog to WordPress is that they have a Windows Phone app which seems to work pretty well. Maybe not for big blog posts with a lot of code, but nice and handy for shorter thoughts. We’ll call that the “140 chars is too short” kind of posts.

side note, please feel free to follow me and interact on Twitter. I really like Twitter for all the “140 chars is enough” kind of posts :)

I flew to Seattle almost two weeks ago and spent one week at IdentityMine‘s offices downtown first and then moved across the lake to Bellevue for the MVP summit.

This year’s summit was kind of a big deal because it was the first summit for the newly created Client Dev expertise. Client Dev gathers members of the previous Expression (Blend, Design etc), Client App Dev (WPF etc) and Silverlight expertises. While I am still officially a Silverlight MVP, if I am renewed next January I will officially belong to the new Client Dev expertise. So it is really exciting to see what the new group is shown, how we were handled and how Microsoft wanted to interact with us. In short, it was a success.

I for one (and all the others I talked to) felt a lot of mutual respect, a lot of interest for what we had to say and some immediate results (more about that later). With the MVP summit being in November now, it aligns better with the release cycle of Windows 8 and the dev tools, and allows us to interact with the Microsoft teams at a time where they are planning the next release. Great opportunity to look for feedback and to set the course for the year to come. It was really nice to get honest and open discussions about what’s great and what’s not so great in Windows, WinPhone, WPF etc. I also liked a design session with design leads from various parts of Microsoft. Design is really important to MSFT these days, which makes me of course super happy.

I was honored to be invited to the MVP appreciation dinner, also known as “mvp of the year” event. It was a very nice and relaxed dinner with Brian Harry (responsible of TFS and ALM), Anders Hejlsberg (inventor of C# and Typescript amongst other things), Scott Hanselman and more. Great food but more importantly great conversation with these illustrious guests and with my friends Dave, Ginny, Morten, Brian, Neno and more.

All around it was a great time and even the weather helped, with only a bit of rain and some awesome clear blue sky. I made tons of pictures (with my Lumia 1020 which worked fantastically well) and will update the post here with the link as soon as the pictures are ready. It is good to be back home but I take back with me the friendship, the smiles and the great feeling to belong to an active and innovative community.

Picture: Sunset on Lake Washington and Seattle take from Microsoft Bellevue building, 28th floor.


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