MVVM Light V4b1 for Windows 8 Consumer Preview (with installer)

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I just pushed the following to Codeplex:

  • A new MVVM Light project template for Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This template appears in the File, New Project dialog and allows you to create a Metro style app already wired with MVVM Light.
  • An updated Windows 8 installer for MVVM Light.


This installs MVVM Light for Windows 8 only. You can install it side-by-side with the standard MVVM Light for Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone.

Where do I get it?

You can download the MSI from:

What does it do?

The installer installs the Windows 8 version of the MVVM Light DLLs, as well as a new project template for an MVVM Light Metro style app, and code snippets.

What is missing?

Since Windows 8 Developer Preview, I worked on porting the DispatcherHelper class, and it works now. However the EventToCommand behavior is still not available on Windows 8 (because behaviors are not supported on Windows 8 for the moment).

Known issues

Some testers reported issues with the code snippets installation. Code snippets should appear when you type “mvvm” in your C# code, there is a list of mvvm-prefixed snippets (such as mvvminpc, etc). If you do not see these snippets, please stay tuned, I am working on fixing this issue.

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