Bug fix: WPF4 project template for #MVVMLight V3

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Ironically, my last release of MVVM Light V3 was about fixing bugs in templates and making them better. In the process however, seems that I introduced a regression bug in the WPF4 project templates. Yep shit happens.

How do I know if I have the bug?

Check the Programs and Features control panel, and look for MVVM Light. If the “Version” column shows, you have the bug. If it shows anything higher, you don’t. For instance, the new version with the bug correction is Also, any version 4.*.*.* does not have this bug.

Alternatively, simply try to create a new WPF4 MVVM Light application in Studio. If you see the following warning, you have the bug.


To fix the bug, simply download V3.0.3.19 from Codeplex and install. You don’t need to uninstall the previous version.

What’s next?

I am working hard on V4 and have some nice improvements coming up. Many people have asked me when the “beta” will come out of MVVM Light, and the answer is “soon”. In the coming few days, I will publish a temporary release that corrects a few memory leaks, notably in the Messenger and in the RelayCommand. This will give expert users time to test and report issues. Then I still have a couple of fixes and I will release a release candidate. I won’t add any new feature after the RC, but will merely fix bugs if people find some. Once the RC is deemed stable, I will release V4 and take a deep breath!

And yes, there will be a V5 Smile

Happy coding,

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