Three years at IdentityMine – and more to come!

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Today is the first day of my fourth year at IdentityMine. I can hardly believe how fast it went, and how exciting the trip has been so far. In the past three years, I have had the chance to work on exciting technologies like Windows Presentation Foundation (which is still very much active, and even more exciting since we now have the possibility to add Kinect interactions to any WPF application!), Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 (for which we have a lot of work right now), Microsoft Surface (for which we are close partners from Microsoft, both for version 1 and for the upcoming version 2 which is even more exciting thanks to the new form factor, improved resolution, etc), Kinect (do I even need to explain why this is exciting?) and more.

Right now, I am working on a Kinect for Windows project (which also includes 3D models) and involved at various degrees into a few other projects that I cannot talk about yet. We are also starting to gather ideas around real life Windows 8 applications, where we can leverage the Metro design, the mobility, multitouch, etc. In fact what is making me super happy in the moment, maybe even more than the momentum gained by Kinect in the living room, is the interest that it gets in the workplace. Imagine situations where people have dirty hands, or wet fingers; immediately touch (as well as the classic mouse/keyboard combination) become a challenge. With Kinect, we have a chance to change all this and to introduce a new user experience in locations where it can make a huge difference in people’s everyday life.

Update: I just found this video about Microsoft Surface 2 which illustrates so well the great times that we are living, and how certain technologies can make life better. I just had to post it here too Smile

The excitement continues

I know I sound like a broken record, but man I love this job. It’s no secret that 2011 has seen ups and downs for rich client application developers, with the questions around mobile technologies, the melodrama around Windows 8 and Silverlight, and the general negativity of a few vocal individuals in our community, it’s fair to say that it was tough to keep a happy spirit.

Now however I feel that we are somehow past this hurdle. Sure the future is still uncertain (it’s, like, the definition of “future” Winking smile) but it seems that our skills are going to allow us to do awesome stuff in the future, just like we did in the past. Windows Phone market share is rising, the Nokia partnership seems to be successful especially in terms of the marketing skills that the Nokia team is bringing (now THAT’S how you sell a phone!), Windows 8 has XAML/C#, we developers have a number of reasons to rejoice or at least to consider 2012 with a positive attitude.

An awesome team

What I love the most at IdentityMine is how involved our creative team is in the development process. I feel that they are my first clients, the ones I need to please before we ship the application to the “real clients”, the ones who pay for it. Smile No compromises here, and thanks to XAML and Expression Blend we really don’t have to ever tell them “I cannot do it”. This is a great feeling for a developer, and I think we too often forget how things were before XAML, when we had to compromise all the time instead of implementing the creative team’s vision.

The rest of the team is awesome too. The developers are super talented (you should see some of the magic these guys are doing…) and they really understand the value of UX and design. Our PMs are doing what I had always dreamed about: they facilitate our work instead of slowing us down with administrative demands. And the execs are taking our inputs and caring for our opinion regarding strategies.

So now is almost the time to get ready for 2012 (well we do have a few projects to finish first), and I couldn’t be happier to spend it at IdentityMine. Thanks guys for the love! Smile



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