What to do if the Bluetooth keyboard stops working? (#Win8 #bldwin Samsung slate)

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At times it is quite tough to be on the bleeding edge. I have been using the Samsung slate that Microsoft gave us at the Build conference last week for about 5 days now, and in fact I even left my laptop (a Touchsmart TX2 that I like a lot but that is getting old a bit) at the hotel.

One issue I had today is that the Bluetooth keyboard stopped working. I tried removing and reading it from the Devices dialog, but it didn’t work.

In order to re-add it in a clean way, this is what I did, and it worked:

  • Remove the device from the Bluetooth devices list (you can see this dialog by right clicking on the Bluetooth icon on the tray in Desktop mode and select Show Bluetooth Devices from the context menu).

  • After removing the keyboard, switch the keyboard off and remove the batteries.
  • Turn the slate off. I found that just selecting “restart” does not seem to be doing the exact same thing than turning off and then restarting. Not sure if that’s my imagination though. To turn the device off, move your mouse to the left bottom corner, select Settings, then Power and then Turn off.

  • After the slate is rebooted, pair the keyboard again. In my case, this solved the issue.

Hope this helps,

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