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Note: I posted that on Posterous, but on second thoughts it belongs on this blog too. After all, making UX better is what this is all about, in the end, and not just for computer applications. So apologies to those of you who read that on my Posterous already!

The user experience at the Unispital in Zurich is so bad I had to laugh in the face of the receptionist.

  • You *must* have a card on which the appointment is written. It doesn’t matter that I made this appointment by phone, and thus it couldn’t be on the card even if I still had it (I don’t, no idea where this card is).
  • The lady made me a new card. It is A5 format, which means it doesn’t fit in a pocket or my wallet. Nonetheless i *must* take it next time (I probably won’t).
  • You *must* have your insurance card with a chip on it. I come here every year, and I didn’t change insurance, and my information was still in the system but it doesn’t matter, you *must* have the card on you (I don’t. I think I have a card like that at home but I am not sure where).

Note that even though I did *not* have the documents, she was able to log me in and I will see the doctor anyway (I am having my yearly skin exam).

It is kind of funny (or sad) to see that the extreme computerization of the Swiss health system is putting more strain on patients, not less. Remember people, when we talk about user experience (UX), we are not just talking about a nice user interface (UI). The whole experience should be considered, for all parties involved. Right now, the Swiss health professionals are failing at that.

(And don’t even get me started on the fact that if i get an appointment at 9, i probably won’t have the exam before 10 ;)

Cheers anyway,

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