MVVM Light Toolkit patch for WP7 Mango Beta

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On Tuesday the 24th of May 2011, the new version of the Windows Phone 7 SDK codenamed “Mango” was released to the public in beta. This is a huge iteration with an extremely large number of new APIs. Most exciting, the version of the Silverlight framework now used in Windows Phone 7 is Silverlight 4. Thanks to this, I was able to recompile the MVVM Light Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 based on the Silverlight 4 version. This is interesting because the Silverlight 3 version had a few hacks I had to build in to work around some limitations of the framework. Now in Silverlight 4, the code is leaner and cleaner.

More details about the download and installation of the “Mango beta” path for MVVM Light can be found here.

Happy Mango coding!!


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