Is your application powered by #mvvmlight?

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A couple of days ago I had the wonderful surprise to find a mention (and a link!) to MVVM Light on The article talks about the new USA Today app available for Windows Phone 7. MVVM Light is mentioned as well as JSON.NET just after the high quality of the development tools is mentioned:

“That same high bar for tools extends into the community as well. MVVM Light and JSON.Net were extremely useful moving past mundane tasks and instead getting to the business of building our app.” – Tim Carlson, USA TODAY

This is of course fantastic, but it made me realize that I did not, until now, keep track of what applications (in Windows Phone 7 but also Silverlight and WPF) use MVVM Light to facilitate the development.

An appeal to MVVM Light users

In order to correct this, I would love to hear from you. Do you use MVVM Light? Did you publish an application (WP7, Silverlight, WPF) using the bits? If yes, do you mind answering the following optional questions:

  • What is the name and homepage of your project?
  • What framework is it? (WP7, Silverlight, WPF?)
  • Do you allow me to use this info for promotion (on the MVVM Light Toolkit’s page, or in conferences)? (if you prefer me to keep this info confidential, you have my assurance that I will happily comply).

Feel free to answer in the comments below, or per email to This is, in advance, very much appreciated!

Happy coding,

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