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I started tweeting a list of “protips” (or whatever you want to call that) related to the Twitter for Windows Phone 7 application. Since I worked as integrator on this app, my tasks involved integrating design assets in all screens, and so I had an insider view on all the screens (and that is really a LOT of screens :)

Seeing some comments about the app made me understand that most users out there don’t realize how rich the application is, and how many features are available. So without further ado, here we go, a list of Twitter for WP7 protips:

(note: I will extend the list if I think of new stuff, and maybe add some screenshots later).

  1. Check the dark theme in the application settings!
  2. Select a tweet, menu, Translate.
  3. Search, Nearby looks for tweets near you
  4. Custom searches can be saved. They synch up with web twitter too!
  5. Multi language support, independant from OS. supports EN, FR, DE, IT, ES
  6. Multiple accounts are supported, simply define them in the Settings
  7. Even without a Twitter account, experience is super rich. Trends, Suggested, Nearby, searches etc…
  8. Select a tweet, then press Replies To to see the whole conversation
  9. Compose, menu, Hashtags. Enter a hashtag and press Add. List is saved for the next time.
  10. Select a tweet with location info (like my own). Press the location name to see all Nearby tweets
  11. Want to remove location information just for one tweet? Press on the Places button in app bar then Clear Place
  12. Settings, General to toggle between Username/Fullname display, Relative/Absolute date/time and more
  13. Upload a picture directly from compose screen to TwitPic, yFrog or TweetPhoto (service selection in Settings)
  14. Settings, About, Support to see a log of app errors and email it to support (use wisely please)
  15. Tap your username to see your profile. Then Menu, Edit Profile to edit your info, including your picture
  16. Tap on any user’s name to see his profile, tweets, mentions and favorites in a Pivot

Happy Tweeting!


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