How to correctly say my name in the Swiss manner

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As an answer to the suggestion by my friend Andrea, here is how my name is pronounced in Switzerland (at least in the French speaking part, where I come from, as opposed to the German speaking part, where I live).

This was motivated by the always wonderful Adam Kinney talking with Jesse Liberty about MVVM Light and trying to say my name like I once taught him Smile While I salute the effort, and while the first name is “almost there”, there is still work to do for the last name (listen from 18:00).

So here we go: This is how my first name is pronounced. Now I know that people in the US and in Asia find it super hard to say the “R”. Now, if you find it easier, you can also roll it, it will sound a bit exotic to my ears, but that’s fine really.

As for the last name, here it goes. The real difficulty here is the “U”. This is not an “OUH” or an american “U”. This is the French stuff guys, which you need to pinch your lips to say.

Finally, here it is all together.

Note that when I travel, I just pronounce my name differently like that. However, that raised a few eyebrows here and there, because this is usually a woman’s name. But you know, being the open minded guy that I am, I don’t really care Smile

Oh and here is how the Budget automatic phone answering machine wants me to pronounce my name. I called them to extend a reservation, and tried to say my name a few times without success. Eventually I gave this a try, and it worked…



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