Back from TechEd Europe 2010 (Berlin) #tee10

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I spent this week in Berlin in company of about 5000+ other geeks at Microsoft’s TechEd Europe. I had experienced the conference for a very short time last year as I spent just 2 days helping on the Silverlight booth at the Technical Learning Center. This year however I was invited to give two talks and participate in a panel of experts.

Taking Advantage of Microsoft Expression Blend to Build Silverlight 4 Applications:

This session went pretty well even though it was at 6PM on Tuesday. The room was not 100% full but with about 120 people it was very good for that late hour. Of course I wish I could touch *all* developers and encourage them to try Expression Blend, but I guess I need to be patient Winking smile The talk was to show “where Blend really shines”, i.e. what you can do with Blend that you cannot do with Visual Studio (or much less efficiently). I had samples showing simple things (tweaking/copying gradients for instance) but also more complex ones (animations, visual states, resource management, etc). The feedback has been great, and I hope that everyone learned something.

Silverlight Experts Roundtable:

This was a fun session. Being there with Pete Brown and Gill Cleeren (and under the moderation of Katrien De Graeve) was really neat. We all found the questions interesting and practice oriented.

I am not 100% sure if the session was recorded or not (I believe it wasn’t). Watch this space and I will post a link if it becomes available.

Your Questions on MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) Answered:

This was an interactive session, where I was asked to present a short intro to MVVM, and then to turn to the audience for questions. Usually, the European audiences are very shy with questions (not even mentioning that a session at 9AM on the last day of a conference… you know…) but I have to say I was super happy with the way it went. I had 90 people in the room, and the audience was very active! They started asking questions before I was even done with the theory (of course the prospect of getting one copy of Silverlight 4 Unleashed for the first question asked certainly made them very eager Smile). I was able to show most of the demo code I had prepared, as I had kind of anticipated the questions that would come. I was almost shocked when I checked the clock for the very first time during the session and saw I only had 7 minutes left!!
Side note: One person commented that I sounded a bit like a MVVM evangelist instead of underlining the bad sides of MVVM. Like every pattern, MVVM has pros and cons. I was however guided by the audience in that particular session, and no-one asked about negative aspects. For this particular person, I encourage you to watch my MIX10 session where this question is answered.

Note about the CustomersManager sample

To run this sample, you need to follow the steps:

  1. Open the solution named Customers. This is the WCF service.
  2. In the Solution Explorer, right click the SVC file and select “View in Browser” from the context menu.
  3. Then only you can open and start the CustomersManager solution.

Video: Taking advantage of Blend 4

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