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Today I have been invited by Microsoft Switzerland to present three of our awesome Windows Phone 7 applications on stage at their yearly Shape conference. It was a great moment, and I felt super proud to show the IMDb app, the Twitter app and the SBB Mobile app. The response was excellent, I didn’t have one single demo effect, was able to stream a movie preview live from the IMDb app, to show most features of the Twitter app, to load a timetable and purchase a ticket from the SBB app, and all this in slightly more than 10 minutes! How cool is that??

The two former apps (IMDb and Twitter) are already available from the marketplace:

The SBB Mobile app is not available yet, but it is in the process of submission and it should be ready very soon for download. All the three apps are free!

WCF RIA Services demo

I also talked about WCF RIA Services, and here are the promised code samples:

Once downloaded, right click on the zip file, select Properties, and if you see an Unblock button on the General tab, click it!. Then only extract the content.

The slides are here. The session was recorded and will be posted on Microsoft servers soon (stay tuned for more info!!)

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