MultiTouch Behavior: Update for Windows Phone 7 tools beta

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Update: The second video (10’ tutorial) is now ready (see below).
Update 2: The code is on Codeplex (V0.5.1).

I just published an updated videos (Highlights) showing the MultiTouch Behavior for Windows Phone 7 working with the new emulator. The big change is that the multitouch action now works great with the emulator (with the April CTP it was flaky, so I was using the mock mode a lot more). Another 10’ long tutorial is available.

The code on Codeplex has been updated, so that all of you with the new tools can enjoy the new libraries as well as the sample application running in the beta emulator!!

As before, more information is available on !!




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  1. Nazia Says:

    How would you do a SelectionChanged type event. I am new XAML and MVVM and starting out in Windows 8. Probably not the best idea for a place to start but awynay. return new RelayCommand((item) => { if(item != null) { // do something; });I am not sure that makes sense. I was trying to simplify due to the lack of format of the comment system. Basically, I want to be able access the selected item and navigate based on that. Item is being sent as null.

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