MultiTouch Behavior for Windows Phone 7: Videos #wp7dev

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I just published two videos on Vimeo (see the embedded videos at the end of this post)

  • One is a short video showing the highlights of the MultiTouch Behavior I have been working on. It shows what gestures are available, and how easy it is to add it to a Windows Phone 7 application.
  • The other is a detailed 15’ video that explains exactly how the behavior can be used.

I am still polishing a few things up and should be ready to release V1 on Codeplex very soon.


  • Scale, Rotate, Translate are supported.
  • Possibility to show markers on the screen for demos/projections/videos.
  • Debug mode with addition on-screen information.
  • “Mock” mode for development without multitouch screen. Simulate fingers with just one mouse.
  • Enable/disable Scale, Rotate, Translate X and Y individually.
  • Constrain Scale with minimum and maximum value.

Future plans:

Not supported (but in the plan) are:

  • Multiple elements: Right now, the gestures can only apply to one element on the screen.
  • Friction/inertia.
  • Constraining the element to the screen.

More info

I will post more info as we progress. Stay tuned to this blog ("touch" tag), on my website or on Twitter (@LBugnion).


I want to thank Pete Blois (from the Microsoft Expression Blend team) for his help and some of the multitouch code, and the kind permission to open source it.

Also heartful thanks to Davide Zordan for starting this project on Codeplex and for the inspiration.

The Videos

2’50” highlights

15′ walk through

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