How to use the MultiTouch Behavior for Windows Phone 7

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Yesterday, I published the source code of the MultiTouch Behavior for Windows Phone 7 on Codeplex ( Meanwhile, Davide Zordan (the founder of this project) started to modify the Silverlight 4 version of the behavior to make it API compatible. Eventually, the goal is to share all the API signature, and as much code as possible. We would like to extend this to the WPF version as well, in order to have a consistent landscape of multitouch on all 3 platforms.

Together with the source code, you will also find an automated setup file (MSI) that copies the DLLs to c:\program files, but also creates a registry entry that makes the MultiTouch Behavior available in Expression Blend even though the references have not been added yet. This makes adding everything needed in your WP7 application as easy as drag and drop.

There are two tutorials available:

  • A 15’ long video (embedded below) where I show how to use the behavior and how it works.
  • In addition, I just published a written tutorial that explains how to add the behavior in Blend and in XAML, as well as documenting all the properties.

With all that, you should be set! I would love to get feedback, so please if you find a bug, or have constructive suggestions, talk to me!! :)



Figure 4: Debug mode and visualize fingers

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