Crowdsourcing MVVM Light Toolkit support

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Considering the number of emails that are sent to me asking for support for MVVM Light toolkit, I find myself unable to answer all of them in sufficient time to make me feel good.

In consequence, I started to send the following message in response to support queries, either per email or on the MVVM Light Codeplex discussion page.


I am doing my best to answer all the questions as fast as possible. I receive a lot of them, however, and cannot reply to everyone fast enough to make me happy.

Due to this, I would like to encourage you to post your question on StackOverflow, and tag it with the tag mvvm-light.

StackOverflow is an awesome site where tons of developers help others with their technical question.

I will monitor this tag on the StackOverflow website and do my best to answer questions. The advantage of StackOverflow over the Codeplex discussion is the sheer number of qualified developers able to help you with your questions, the visibility of the question itself, and the whole StackOverflow infrastructure (reputation, up- or down-vote, comments, etc)



Bug reports

Regarding bug reports, feel free to continue to send them to the Codeplex site (preferred), or to me directly.

I hope that this will help all support queries to be answered faster, and with the great quality for which the StackOverflow users are known!

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